Tao of Music: Truthseekerz Dogma

jake michael art

by Jake Michael

The yoga of music serves as a medicine used to heal one's self; to counteract the damages birthed from the destructive nature of discontent which leaks from the lack of truths we so commonly encounter during «The repetitive cycle of birth, death, and rebirth» or «Samsara».

The quality of the medicine that is available in music depends not just upon the consumer's level of «Knowledge of the true, real self» or «Vipassana», but heavily relies on the power and purity manifested within the process of its own creation.

The Dharma of creating high quality medicine through music is in itself the purest form of self prescribing medication we, as pandit Truthseekerz, have yet to experience.

The magical «Life energy» or «Prana» that allows the medicine to work is recived during the same creation process that built the musical vessel in which the medicine rests.

Creating quality medicine is as if one knowingly left a trail of breadcrumbs attained directly from «The sum total of all energies, the first cause, the sound of the source» or «OM» to creatively place around and leave about in guided order pointing us as individuals back to «The absolute one from which all else emanates» or «Brahman». In properly receiving and using these gifted breadcrumbs, one aids the transcendence of all artistic and musical healers seeking a furthering of purity within there own medicine into becoming the very source that left them the breadcrumbs to begin with.

High quality medicine is the result of artistically expressing one's interpretation of the truth, manifesting as not just a toolbox but even as a roadmap that points towards the path of least resistance, jumpstarting «The fading away of wordly desires» or «Vairag» and concluding with «A deep spiritual liberation» or «Moxa».

Good medicine requires a strong, well maintained connection to the OM source. When a good connection to this source becomes presant so does a clear understanding of the Prana that governs its quality. When this connection matures from a half earned strong presance into a well maintained connection it transforms its education of understanding into the manifestation of medicinal gifts, accessible tools, musical wisdom... and packs a good shove in the direction in which the truth seems fit to travel. The strongest, most well maintained connections to the OM source create the purest, most medicinal Prana.

As pundit seekers of truth, through much trial and error, we have inherently received «Oneness of mind; undistracted union of subject and object» or «Samadhi» within the timeless healing vessel of house music.

We strive to not just make music that carries this message but that also provides the powerful tools needed to create the environment necessary for one to learn. Through our music we aim to help you apply the magic as needed for encouragement on your spiritual journey. May it open up the portal in which the blessings of love can flow effortlessly from the OM source directly into you untill you yourself become the very source of the effortlessly flowing love. May its tight rhythms and consistent progression act as the light that exposes the truth needed to reveal the path home.

Today, not only as artists and musicians but as two individual «walkers with instructions to carry out a ritual» or «Sadhana» we create and receive the life saving medicine through Prana that is proven to be mandatory for the process of mastering tolerance and generating readiness of gratitude within the human experience. A medicine we are creating by simply taking responsibility for our own part towards contributing to «The law of cause and effect; the apparent spread of energy through thoughts, words, and deeds» or «Karma».

Jake Michael lives in Orlando and is a DJ, artist, and snake lover. His heart is in Viet Nam.