by Connie Helena

I’m an insecure teenage girl.

I think you’re pretty; let’s make out.

Where is the party?

Wherever we are: we will be the life of the party during the party of life.

I’m bored.

Let’s go to an NA meeting and listen to The Cult’s new album.

I like to dance.

I can dance with you; I’m the best white boy you ever saw dance.

How would you describe me?

You are the girl who is not afraid of anything, who likes things that scare everyone else.

Will I know anyone at my new job?

Me of course. I just happen to work there too.

I need a place to live.

I will get you a room at G’s with me. And I’ll get one for B too.

I’m drunk and laying in the middle of the street.

I will pick you up and carry you to your bed in my arms, stronger than I look.

I need a boyfriend.

I know a guy who likes you; he’s in a super cool band.

I’m making a mixtape.

Let me turn you on to some obscure yet seminal albums to blow your mind.

Isn’t there anything you want from me?

To borrow your Bad Brains shirt and look better in it than you.

That was a terrible mushroom trip I just had.

Welcome back.

I need a connection to someone.

We will never lose each other; we will write letters, chat on the phone, stay in touch.

Are we going to be okay?

We are going to be much more than okay.

Will we have children?

Yes, and they will be gods, just like us.

What if we were meant to be together?

That’s the alcohol talking. And besides, you had your chance.

I’m finally getting my shit together; can’t wait to hang out soon. Hello? You there?

Connie Helena is the editor of Stereogenic. The photo is from the album cover of Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs. The title is based on the lyrics of "Love is to Die" by Warpaint.