by Milton Frank

c,I got the blues genetically,so to speak,'cause I know some cat gathering up the kids,watching locusts and shit and falling rom the sky,geetin matzot and runnin once again was thinkin,if this ain't the blues.don't know what is,pharaohs on my ass,cold cold nights ahead

last minute prepassover painting job finished,few shekels in the pocket,(plus bonus,:))locusts frogs plagues on the horizon,think I'll head down to arab village get some pastry,coffee

I am not anyones coffeetable story

 as you look down the hill and back up the other hill,past the mosques,this is surely the west bank palestinian side of the city,when "they"decided to draw the green line ,beforehand,"they"all sat down and drank shots of jaegermesiter and did bong hits,went to the map,and just started drwaing,so the result is some Arab Israeli villages all of a sudden became half Israel,half west bank,black markets becomes a big part of the economy,the overall living standard declines in the village

And,btw...if u c that guy zuckerberg this weekend...tell him...satan!!!

I found the sun today,it kept giving me hints,come here,now go there,I will shine on you,so I did this,it was nice

Drinks up everywhere for the artists,poets,musicians world,word!

when I know your soul,I will paint your eyes

has taken all the quizes,punk rock star,gorgeous woman,famous philosopher,which zodiac sign...,the answer is always...Joey Ramone,go figure

doing art on passover,wind blowing up here,the balmy med breeze,things blowing,but don't I represent,the jew,that is,always moving,in art

just finished watching Paris Blues on youtube,1961,Paul Newman,Sydney Poitier,a musical treatment of Duke Ellington,set in Paris,of course,so I am reviving this art,art that "was"sold and then "not sold",and as I take it personally,my art takes it even more personally,gonna rename it Paris Blues,and instead of Stacha Distel and John Lewis waking,it'll be Paul Newman and Sydney Poitier,least I can do for my art

love being an untaught artist,stumbling upon ...everything

to have evn an dysfunctional structure as an immigrant seems better than no structure,now,the dysfunctional setup is disintegrating,has disintegrated,passover,easter in structured religions perverse vulgar dysfunction fall on the same day,both pushing orth their best selling versions of how it all went down,winds blow hard,doing a portrait of mother,smoking weed the art is always raw

a perfectly cold night in the hinterlands,doing this portrait now excuses me from all selrecriminations for the fact that I never have a studio to work in,that I take my stoned sel out to the mirpesset,throw down all the gear and proceed the needle of art into my veins,underneath some perverse moon and muslim stars on easter passover,a reminder I have been forgiven one more day

have been told,being an artist,being a businessperson,like oil and water,but as I watch google,foosbook,and every other mofo advertiser invade the internet,disrupt the flow of creative content,realizing,the business part is easy,put it out there,give a price,sell it!end of story

ha!the whole fucking hills hinterlands covered in thick fog,thick fog!

yes,I wanna find the mofo,the whiney mofo who said,in a whiney voice"oh,....there are no mistakes in art"and slap the mofo upside the effin head,cause its all mistakes now biatch

art work last night extremely hard,extremely deep,universe disjointed,no rhyme or reason to colors,strokes,living with loss of immediate gratification,climbing a mountain again

11 PM Shabbot,7 loads of laundry folded,kids snoring,psychedelic reaggae funk trance tel aviv kampus radio,time to set up on mirpesset,outside facing Ein As Sahle,do some art,miles to go before this rather retarded individual sleeps,shabbot shalom

after opening tonight,going back to do some art,sick of piddling around with curators,art coordinators,sh*t and elohim damn,its all about the art,the music that is my art,,never did this for anyone but myself to begin with,and the few who dig it

when I didn't know I am an artist,St. Annes Cemetary from studio window Northwest Street Annapolis,first art,first art on "borrowed easel"Maryland Hall",(sh*t,gotta give 'em that thing back one day

I am not a endaering family profile pic returning to freedom shores
I am not a cute little love song returning to the land of opportunity

Milton Frank lives in Galilee, Israel. There will be an exhibit of his art at 49West in Annapolis, Maryland in June 2013.